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Toss every single drop

10 Miles of tastes and flavors…

A skillful craftsmanship makes our tasty, loving, aromatic coffee. Give yourself some excitement, plunge into the colorful way of 10 Miglia Caffé

Enjoy a new flavor experience

Refined and distinctive blends that enhance taste. 10 Miglia Caffé do not leave anything to the case.

A selection of very sweet and precious arabic, roasted artisanally to give the coffee very intense and warm notes. Fruit, hazelnut, incense are some of the scents that come from it. For real excellence lovers.

The best decaffeinated coffee in the world obtained from a mixture of arabic and decaffeinated by a delicate and effective method. An aromatic decaffeinated, sweet, full-bodied, with a very low caffeine content coffee.

A coffee that dares: it’s the result of a precious arabic selection detailed in order to obtain an aromatic and full-bodied coffee with a pleasant and delicate taste.

Very intense and full-bodied coffee, pounded handcrafted in Parthenopeus mode, extremely full-bodied and creamy. For real connoisseurs.

The first coffee in the morning, the one that will turn you on to the day, to enjoy drop by drop. An intense, full-bodied, delicate and aromatic coffee at the same time.

Blend obtained from the skilful dosage of selected mono origins that give it a full and decisive flavor. Rich cream with a persistent texture.

MIXTURE decided for palates that prefer body and cream, obtained through a skilful roasting. The result is a decisive, full and lovable blend.


Then choose our casket with each blend to give you the chance to try them all …

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Enjoy it! Anytime you want.

Every moment is the right one to savor a cup of coffee, relaxed by yourself on a sofa or in a combo with friends.

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Find out! You will love it.

Once you feel you will be inebriated by his taste …

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46043 Castiglione delle Stiviere (Mantova)

Establishment: Via Rassica, 25G
25017 Lonato del Garda (Brescia)

Tel. +39 392 065 3458

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